5 surprising facts about the adult film industry

5 surprising facts about the adult film industry

Adult film industry is a very big film industry. The adult film industry does business of crores every year and at the same time the adult film industry is expanding its scope. Today we are going to tell you 5 special things about the Adult Film Industry.

1. The world's first adult film was made in 1896. The name of this film was 'The Kiss'. It was the first adult film in the world to be screened in public. Since this film, many boards such as Censor Board have been created which examine the films and present them to the people.

2. First of all, the center of adult film industry was Los Angeles County, which is located in California. But due to the strict laws here, the adult film industry spread to different parts of the world.

3. The business of adult film industry is growing rapidly every year. You will be very surprised to know that the adult film industry does business of up to $ 95 billion every year and it is growing every year. Even the gaming industry is not able to do so much business.

4. In adult film industry, male actors get very less payment than female actors.

5. Adult films also have a script according to which films are made. Adult films are also shot like ordinary films and many people support it. It sometimes takes several days to make a film.

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