Just as boys are attracted to girls by looking at their bodies, similarly girls get intoxicated by looking at some body parts of boys.

Red tongue

The red tongue of boys is a very sensitive organ. Girls like it very much. It increases sax power in girls during French kiss and lip lock.

Pink lips

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Women are very fond of boys who have pink lips and girls find them very attractive towards such boys. Just like seeing her, she becomes mad.

Mothe shoulder

Women also like men whose shoulder is very thick. The women of such men become crazy and are ready to do anything for them. In health and beauty, women want that they find such a man with whom to walk, their beauty should become four moons.


Girls like the most, eyes are not the way to talk to girls, but God gifted thing i.e. eyes attracts the most. Especially when the eyes of men do not have dark circles or the eyes are not red.

6 pack abs

Nowadays, 6 pack abs fever has been capped. Actor or model everyone has 6 pack abs. Seeing which girls are quite attracted. Along with the eyes, girls also get lots of abs.

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