Known for his luxurious life, this couple spends 12 lakh rupees a day

Bastian and Maria Yotta from Germany are very popular on Instagram these days due to their luxurious life. Bastian is also known as Billionaire Playboy. Bastian is a Germany based business man. It is said about Bastian that he spends 6 to 12 lakh rupees every evening in the evening, which he does not care about.

The billionaire Playboy also owns a Lamborghini eventer worth Rs 26.6 million and a number of other cars including the Bentley Continental Sport Car. According to the information, Bastian is also very fond of doing pool partitions daily. Bastian, 35, and Maria, 27, met 3 years ago in a restaurant in Munich, Germany. Maria started living with him 6 months after meeting Bastian. In return for being with her, Bastian used to pay Maria.

Bastians spend up to 67 lakh rupees on their own in a month. Bastian is also very fond of having a pool party daily. Bastian's neighbors did not like his pool to be at all. For this reason, he had to leave the country and shift to Los Angeles. Bastian said that my lifestyle made my neighbors jealous. Because of this I left Germany and came to live in the Beverly Hills of Los Angeles.

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