These are the 5 most trusted smartphone brands of the year, the last one being everyone's favorite

1. xiaomi

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Due to the Chinese smartphone manufacturer and emerging globally as well as in India, Xiaomi has maintained its lead on the smartphone market for a long time as it captured a 30.6% market share.

2. Samsung

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South Korean mobile phone and electronics manufacturer Samsung now ranks second after Xiaomi as it has a market share of only 22.3%. However, Samsung is changing the strategy so that they can compete with others. Hence, it introduced the M series smartphones for online sales and the A series for the offline market.

3. vivo

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Another Chinese mobile phone company, Vivo, which is more popular in offline market and it managed to capture 13.0% market share.

4. Oppo

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In the Thia list, we have another Chinese smartphone brand and Oppo, which was the sponsor of the Indian cricket team, is now the fourth most trusted and valuable brand by market share as it holds 7.6% market share.

5. Realme

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Chinese comps Realme, which has entered the smartphone market afresh, is now the 5th largest and trusted mobile brand in India as it managed to achieve 6% market share.

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As is evident from the above points, these brands have a high market share, so there is nothing to doubt about their credibility.

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