Sridevi's darling on the way without wearing pants, was seen hiding her body from the t-shirt

Bollywood stars Ai Din are in the limelight due to their dressing sense and are often trolled badly, something similar happened with the beautiful Jahnavi whom you will also be surprised after seeing.

Recently, Jahnavi Kapoor was seen on the streets, during this time Jahnavi was wearing a long t-shirt in pink color but people did not like this dressing sense.

After this, Jahnavi started becoming very much trolled on social media, someone said that they do not know the meaning of pants, so others wrote, Jahnavi forgot to wear pants only.

Jhanvi Kapoor falls prey to the social media trolls of her dressing sense on the day she comes to know that Jahnavi was repeatedly downing her t-shirt. He was also feeling uncomfortable in such a dress.

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