ISRO Launched Satellite | GSAT-30 Satellite Launches | The Country's Most Powerful Communications Satellite

ISRO Launched Satellite

New Delhi. The Indian Space Organization (ISRO) once again created history. ISRO wrote another major success to the country and successfully launched GSAT-30, the most powerful communication satellite. This is the first launch of ISRO in 2020, in which it has got success. ISRO's GSAT-30 was successfully launched with the European heavy rocket Ariane-5. It was launched at 2.35 am in the early hours of January 17 with an aerial launch of Kauro off the northeastern coast of South America. It is the 24th satellite of India, launched from Ariane Space's Ariane rocket.

GSAT-30 Satellite Launches, ISRO Launched Satellite
Satellite launches

What is special in GSAT-30 Satellite

The GSAT-30 satellite has a weight of about 3100 kg. It will work for the next 15 years. With this satellite India's telecom service will be better and internet speed will increase. After this satellite launch, mobile service will be able to reach even those areas where till now this service was not available. The use of GSAT-30 will be widely used in VSAT networks, television uplinking, teleport services, digital satellite, DTH television services as well as weather forecasting along with the upcoming changes in climate.

GSAT 30 Satellite, ISRO Satellite launches

ISRO's first satellite launch successful in 2020

ISRO launched its first satellite in 2020. The upper part of the Ariane-5 VA251 successfully separated from the GSAT-30 shortly after the GSAT-30 launch. GSAT-30 will replace INSAT-4A. GSAT-30 will have higher coverage capacity. INSAT-4 was launched in the year 2005 and now the age of INSAT-4 is over, with internet technology changing rapidly, due to which the country needed more powerful satellites.

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