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List of the 11 Richest Wrestlers of WWE

WWE is a big name in the world of professional wrestling. There are also no wrestling companies around WWE. The reason for this is WWE Superstars. There are many superstars in WWE who are an important part of the company.

His contribution to the company is incredible. His hard work and dedication have taken WWE to new heights. There are many superstars who tried their hand in other business after achieving great success in WWE and have been very successful in that too.

 These superstars definitely get a good price for working so hard. Apart from this, superstars also make money from other things (add, movie). Today in this article we will talk about the earnings of the 10 richest wrestler superstars of WWE-

1. Dwayne the Rock Johnson - $ 220 million

The first name in this list is The Rock, who is considered to be the most popular actor worldwide. Apart from this, he is also a successful wrestler. The Rock's total earnings are $ 220 million, his earnings can blow the senses of good.

2. John Cena - $ 55 million

WWE favorite wrestler Wrestler John Cena is second in terms of earnings. He has brought the company to the pinnacle of success. John Cena grossed $ 55 million.

3. Stone Cold Steve Austin - 45 million

Stone McWahn, who was involved in WCW in the 90s, brought Junior McMahon to WWE. Here he has gained a lot of popularity. At the same time, he is third in this list in terms of earnings. His total earnings are 45 million dollars.

Here's a list of other Wrestler earnings: -

4. Shane McMahon - $ 35 million

5. Hulk Hogan - $ 25 million

6. Triple H - $ 25 million

7. Kurt Angle - $ 25 million

8. Big Show - $ 20 million

9. Chris Jericho - 18 million dollars

10. Shawn Michaels - $ 17 million

11. Undertaker - $ 17 million

(Special Mention) Apart from these, Nikki Bella and Brie Bella are also included in this list in the Women's Wrestler. These total earnings are 12 million dollars.

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