The college where the students of that college should be taught to the principal of that college! - Going to marry soon

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Charuvi Saraf is the new fledgling actress of the TV industry who is being well liked by the audience these days. Due to his excellent acting, he has made millions of fans on social media in a short time. His photos are also becoming viral on social media.

At present, Chavi has become very much talked about due to her personal life, if the news is believed, then Chavi is going to get married very soon. For information, let us know that Chauvi did his college studies at University of Delhi, and during his college studies, he fell in love with the principal of the college, Mohit Chauhan.

Mohit is 12 years older than the four, both of them look very good together. Both have been dating each other for the last 4 years. Soon this couple is also going to get married. The family of Charvi is also very happy with this relationship.

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