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T-20 World's Posted 6 amazing records

There are many big records in the ODI series played between India and Australia, and broken. In the 2020, the T20 World Cup in Australia is to be organized. In the first time we are going to tell you about some such records in the T20 World Cup, which has not yet broken anybody. When finally it will break the record. Let's know about them

1. Most Run ICC

Records the first run in the T20 World Cup recorded the name of themer Sri Lankan Cricketer Mahela Jayawardon. He scored 101 runs in the T20 World Cup. The record of Mahela Jayawarde is not broken yet.

2. To be out at the highest 0

Former Pakistan Cricket Team, the Shawid Afridi ICC T20 is the most outdoor player at the World Cup. The Shahid Afridi T20 opened the account without 5 times in the World Cup.

3. Record of the highest Sixteen in a match

The name of the West Indies, the Chief of Bulk Ghal, is a record of the highest 11 sixteen in the match of the ICC T-20 World Cup. He had done this compensation against England.

4. Most wickets in a match

Afenta Mendis is the bowler who recorded the record of taking the highest wicket in a match in the ICC T20 World Cup. They took 6 wickets in the match against Zimbabwe.

5. Most Catch

The most catch catching record in the ICC T20 World Cup is recorded in the name of AB De Villiers, who still holds a total of two catches. However, they have called goodbye to international cricket.

6. As the captain most winning record

The name of Mahendra Singh Dhoni is recorded record of winning the most match of the ICC T20 World Cup, who won 20 matches.

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