As soon as he reached America, this statement of Donald Trump said, India ...

Donald Trump And Narendra Modi

The US President's visit to India is over. Their tour was on 24 and 25 February which was successfully concluded. The Indian government had also organized a Namaste Trump program to welcome him and after that he also visited the Taj Mahal in Agra and Delhi. He returned to the US on 25 February. Now on reaching America, Donald Trump broke the silence. He has given this statement on Twitter.

Saw Taj Mahal, made agreements

President Trump of America arrived in India with his family. He first went to Ahmedabad where PM Modi took him to Sabarmati Ashram. After this he had a speech at Motera Stadium in which he praised India. After this he came to Agra and looked at the Taj Mahal. After staying here for an hour, he went to Delhi and on 25 February he also made India's agreement.

This statement came soon after reaching America

On February 25, he left for America with his family at night. After traveling a distance of about 8 thousand km, he reached America in the evening according to Indian time. His statement also came to light as soon as he reached America. He said on Twitter that I just landed. Donald Trump said that India is great and this journey was a huge success. The US President said that now I am going directly to the White House and to attend many meetings there.

Friends, whether Donald Trump's visit will be considered successful from the perspective of India or not, will you bother to tell me your thoughts in the comments. Do share this news and you can also follow me for similar news.

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