Here Modi was preparing to welcome Trump, on the other hand, Trump gave a big blow, said India…

Modi was preparing to welcome Trump

Welcome Trump

US President Donald Trump is visiting India on a foreign tour. His visit is going to happen on 24 February. Preparations are going on from Ahmedabad to Agra for this. PM Narendra Modi is also preparing to welcome Donald Trump. However, preparations were on the way to welcome him and the US President has given this big blow.

Friendship between modi and trump


There are friendly relations between the two powerful countries of the world, India and America, but there is also a good friendship between PM Modi and Donald Trump. An example of this has also been seen in the Howdy Modi program in the US, where Trump was also present in Modi's program. It was discussed all over the world. Now Trump is coming to India and Modi government is welcoming him. PM Modi is going to take him to Ahmedabad.

Know which big shock Trump gave


The Modi government had expected a number of major agreements on Trump's visit to India. Trump, however, told the media at Joint Base Andrews that there were no major compromises on the tour to India. Trump also said that he likes Modi but India does not treat America well. Trump, however, said there could be some small trade agreements on the tour.

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