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What are The Symptoms of Corona Virus

The threat of corona virus started from China has spread all over the world. Even in untouched India till now, increasingly suspicious patients are coming forward. This has also been confirmed in a patient in Kerala.

In view of this, the government will also be alert. People coming from China or other affected nations are being investigated at every airport. Meanwhile, the government of Hong Kong has issued important guidelines for the people there. Knowing these important things, everyone can stay away from this dangerous disease.

Know what the government of the Hong Kong has issued notifications for the general public - Corona Virus

The state has been issued notifications for the general public. Now that the condition has become serious about the Corona virus. If the throttle is driving then water is immediately, then immediate water, because if the throttle is punished then the viruses will be faster than the body. The advisers have to be done that there will be no benefit from drinking a lot of water. In additionally, one-one-two sip is dried water. Also people have spoken to that they are using the trade or March. If you are using the train or public transport, buy the mask on the mouth. Do not eat the recognized mask instead of the simple mask. Do not eat things from the throat or extremely spices. Eat lemon, oranges containing vitamin c.

Long-term coughing

High fever

Cough after fever

Chronic cold-cough in children

Feeling uncomfortable in adults, having a headache

Respiratory problems

Accidental weakness

Decreased ability to fight diseases in the body

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