Another bad news came amid fears of corona virus, the whole world is upset

Another bad news came amid fears of corona virus

Nowadays, only the deadly corona virus is being discussed from India to the world.  Corona virus is a concern all over the world.  It is becoming stronger day by day.  Many people are getting infected by this virus every day.  Due to Corona virus, there is a panic environment all over the world.  Let us tell you that coronavirus is a type of group composed of many types of viruses.  If a person gets infected with this virus, then he can also die.


 Two days ago Narendra Modi ji imposed a 21-day lockdown across the country due to the corona virus.  He said that due to the lockdown, the country will have to bear the economic cost, that is, the country's economic condition will deteriorate.  But our effort is to save the life of every Indian.  Narendra Modi ji pleaded with people folding hands and stay where you are.  This is the only way to stop the corona virus.

 Modi ji further said that the present situation is very worrying, seeing that the lockdown is being imposed for 21 days.  The coming 21 days are very important for every citizen, every family.  To break the coronavirus infection cycle, 21 days is very important.  If not 21 days is possible, the country and your family will go back 21 years.  Many families will be devastated forever.

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