This work should be done to increase masculine strength

Masculine strength

Masculine strength

Today's youth lose their masculine strength due to their childhood mistakes. In the past, kings used to have special Vedas and Hakim with the Maharajas. Those who used to make powerful medicines for the Maharajas with herbal herbs were easily available in the past, but it is very difficult to be available in the present day.

Take these things increase masculine strength


Use: For weakness, lack of energy, immunity, old age, erectile dysfunction etc.
Recipe: Take Shilajit or a pinch of Bhasma equivalent to a grain of rice with one spoon of cow's ghee or honey.


Use: For weakness, fatigue, low sperm count, immunity.
Recipe: Take a teaspoon of ashwagandha powder with lukewarm milk before bedtime.

White Musli:

Uses: for erectile dysfunction, infertility, sperm deficiency, weakness, impotency, immunity.
Recipe: Take one spoonful of muesli powder with sugar candy and milk every morning and evening.


Use: Infertility, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, weakness, low sperm count, urine problem.
Recipe: Take one teaspoon of sugar candy and half a teaspoon of asparagus powder with cow's ghee. Drink milk from above.

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