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How to impress girl

Be it college or office boys, there are many ways to impress girls, but despite trying many times, they are not able to impress the girl and many boys have this art as a God gift.  He implicates anyone in his words.  If you too are not able to impress the girl of your choice then today we will tell you such tips, using which you will also easily attract her towards you and this will also increase the love between you.

Don't worry if you are thinking of impressing a girl and every time your bet goes empty.  Some girls are very stubborn and want to be limited to only friends and some girls are those who do not know you properly.  Whether you work in office or are studying in college, who wouldn't want to be friends with a smart and beautiful girl.

How to impress girl

As we all know that the biggest question in every man's heart is how to influence a woman.  So what should be done in such a way that you make your special place in their heart.  So let me tell you.

You should not be too crazy about any girl, because it not only makes you 'cheep' but also scares her, so you should never chase her.

By the way, tell me not to show off too much about money and status, doing so can harm your reputation because girls are afraid of those men.  Let me tell you that if you want to win the heart of a girl, then first of all, become one of her best friends.  You might not know that women like men more than those who joke jokingly.

Tell us not to be too much investigative, let them talk before doing this and ask questions only when necessary.

If you feel that you fail to impress women, then you need to adopt some such things that will benefit you.  So what is the time to impress a girl, then try these 10 best tips and make them crazy -

How to impress girl

Make a special feel: 

After becoming good friends, do not make him wait if he wants to talk to you or meet you.  Go talk to him or reply to his text.  Let him talk as much as you can and you just listen and answer.

Dress properly: -

Grooming yourself properly, that is, the hair hairstyle should be good, wear clean clothes, do not smell bad, etc.

Show Confidence: -

Suppose if you meet him in a party, stand with full confidence.  You can attract women only by making yourself mysterious.  Do not create tension like teenagers.

How to impress girl

Think before you speak: -

The tongue of many people slips in front of girls, so think a while before speaking.  Don't talk about another girl and don't listen to dirty jokes either.

Be mysterious: -

If a woman meets you or you have her introduction, there is no need to share everything related to her or her childhood.  Don't even tell him your name without asking.  Avoid sharing anything until he shows an eagerness to know about you.  needed .

How to impress girl

Good Whoomer: - 

Women like men with good hoomer.  If she is laughing at your Humor, it means that she is interested in meeting you and to know more about you.

Make him feel his lack: - 

Remember one thing, the more difficult it is, the more valuable it is.  Avoid taking initiative on your behalf for everything.  Do not answer her every phone call.  Take time to reply to the message.  Make him feel your deficiency

Do not praise her falsely: -

If the girl is nearby, then praise her well and truly.  Think a little about what you like about him.  Maybe his smile, his laugh or his intelligence makes you feel good.  Do such things in a semi private place.

Stay away from praising yourself: -

telling lewd jokes in front of the girl, proving cowardice and bravery to others, taunting the entire woman caste, starting to compare any two women, considering women as second class citizens.  Do not let these weaknesses in Surat also come to you.

Accept his decision: -

If you have tried all the ways to impress him and even then he is not ready to love you, then get away from grace.  This may be your last arrow that makes its way into the girl's heart.

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