Asteroid bigger than the Himalayan mountain, moving fast towards Earth, less than 24 hours remaining

Asteroid bigger than the Himalayan mountain

On April 29, NASA reported a month and a half ago that an asteroid named "52768 (1998 OR2)" is going to pass near the Earth on this day.  When it passes through the earth, its distance will be 3.9 million miles / 6.2 million kilometers.


Now there is only 1 day left in it i.e. 24 hours, which has increased the concern of scientists.  It is being told that it is bigger than the Himalayas in size.  According to NASA, because this asteroid will be at a distance of 3.9 million (about 62.90 million kilometers) and will not hit the Earth.  But what is worrying is that if there is a slight change in the direction of this asteroid, then this danger will be very big.

Learn why scientists are worried about this asteroid?

It takes us a lot to see a distance of 62.90 lakh kilometers but it is not considered much in astronomy.  The speed of this asteroid is 31,319 km / h.  That is around 8.72 kilometers per second.  If it collides with any part of the earth at such a speed, then a large part of the earth can be destroyed.

This asteroid was first seen by NASA in 1998.  Its diameter is about 4 kilometers.  This asteroid will pass near the earth at 3.26 pm on 29 April.

You can see this event through binoculars and NASA will also show it live on Twitter.  In addition, NASA has also told that anyone who wants information about it can question them on their Twitter.

The asteroid 1998 OR2 (name) will pass 3.9 million miles from near Earth before 10 am on April 29.

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