How many days after infection, corona virus remains in the body, know its four steps

The corona virus (COVID-19) enters the human body through the throat and affects the respiratory system.  Let us know how the entry of virus in the body and how many days (COVID-19 cycle) is present in the body?

Once infected, a 14-day incubation period occurs.  The disease starts appearing in these 14 days.  whereas
 It takes 21 to 25 days until the final effects of the disease are seen.

Symptoms of corona appear within two days of infection.  Whereas from the third day cough and sore throat start.  This affects the respiratory system.

In 4 to 5 days, the infection of the corona reaches the lungs.  The risk of getting pneumonia increases in 8 to 10 days.  The lungs become severely infected after 8 to 15 days.  They are then unable to carry oxygen from the air to the bloodstream.

Within 15 to 22 days of infection, death may also occur if the situation does not improve.  In 18 to 25 days, if the patient starts showing signs of being healthy, then he is discharged from the hospital after getting corrected.

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