Know what happens after the corona enters the body

How the corona virus enters the human body

Most virus stretchers are basically made up of three things.

 (1) RNA

 (2) protein

 (3) lipids

corona virus

These three layers form a virus, form the lipid outer layer and help maintain the stretcher of the virus, but the outer layer of lipid is the weakest link in the virus's stretcher.

So far according to the research and advice of the doctors, the corona enters inside a person's body through the mouth, eyes and nose, but this virus enters the body through sneezing or coughing.

corona virus

This infection starts spreading through a protein called ACE 2 of the individual's body cells, after which the upper part of the corona virus ie the lipid is broken down within it, the existing RNA is found in our cells, then this virus in our body cells  Negative protin begins to form.

corona virus

When negative protein starts to form in our body, then our cells also start to mold like the same virus, many new viruses start to form within the cells, then the number of viruses starts increasing within the body.

When the number of these viruses becomes very high, then the cells inside our body start dying and they reach our lungs and start binding them in the process of cleaning oxygen.

It is being said repeatedly about the corona that the chances of this disease getting reduced on those whose immune system will be strong, when our immune system fights against these viruses, only then we start getting fever and other symptoms also.  Due to

Most people keep touching their face every few minutes, once the virus gets on your hands, you are in the High Risk Zone, so you should not put your hands on the mouth repeatedly and also wash your hands with water.  Not enough washing hands with soap is very important.

 What can be done to stop the corona virus from spreading?

 1.  Wash hands frequently with soap and water, or you can also use a sanitizer for this.

 2. Use disposable tissue on your mouth especially during snoring and then throw the used tissue in a closed container.

 3. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth without washing your hands.

 4. Avoid contact with someone who is ill.

 5. If there is no urgent work, do not leave the house.

 Friends, please comment in the Comment box and tell us how you felt about the information given to us, as well as follow the rules given to avoid Corona so that you can stay away from this virus.

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