Learn how coronavirus causes damage to the body, be alert if you see these symptoms

 alert if you see these symptoms

The state of lock-down has spread due to the worldwide spread of coronavirus infection, this virus infection which can survive in human body for many days but we are all fighting it together and it will go away soon.  During this time we do not need to panic nor do we need to ignore the rumors.  From time to time, WHO keeps bringing us information related to it.  Today we are going to tell you how this virus causes damage to the body after entering the body.


Coronavirus symptoms

After infection with this virus, there are no symptoms for 3 days, after which mild symptoms start appearing but gradually it takes its terrible form.  When Kovid-19 attacks the body, its initial time is called the incubation period.  The incubation period is the time between infection and symptoms.  After entering the body, the virus first attacks the cells around the throat.  It then attacks the windpipe and lungs.  Most patients experience difficulty breathing after coming into this state.


The virus can have a direct effect on the kidney.  Kidney works to clean the blood, but after getting in critical condition, the kidney stops functioning properly.  It also affects the intestines present in the body.  Due to this virus, inflammation in the body increases so much, many parts of the body fail, due to which human death can also occur.

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