Lockdown will end after May 3, know full plan of Modi government?

Lockdown will end after May 3

Lockdown has been imposed in India till May 3 in view of the Corona crisis.  The Modi government is yet to initiate discussions to extend the corono virus lockdown after 3 May.  If sources are to be believed, the potential relaxation in lockdown restrictions would be conditional.  The source was quoted as saying that it was not possible for the government to start train and flight services soon after May 3.  Permission may however be granted for travel within the city.

It is reported that the government is going to make masks and social distancing a part of common life and may make masks mandatory for those wishing to move out of homes.  The government has not yet made any plans to allow crowds gathering during marriages and religious functions.  Shops selling essential items will continue to operate, but they will have to follow social distancing.

To prevent the spread of corona virus, the government is expected to conduct evaluation at regular intervals in various areas of the country.  It is expected that some relaxation will be given to the government-identified green zone, while in the red zone, the relaxation will be given according to the assessment of the situation there.

 Significantly, Mumbai, Delhi, Noida and Indore are among the areas where the government will pay more attention after May 3, as the number of corona virus infected cases in the above cities has increased rapidly.  However, the government is of the opinion that the correct analysis of the situation in India can be done only after May 15.

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