Now there will not be a dream defect, just adopt this native recipe

If the same is always contemplated and imagined, then the same dreams occur at night and there may be a dream defect.

Get rid of dream defects

Get rid of dream defects:

Wash hands and feet while sleeping at night and take two buds of garlic and break it and swallow it with water.  Regular use will provide relief in dream defects.

At night, fill 60 grams of water in a glass of glass and soak 20 grams of Amla powder in it.  After 12 hours, filter the water and drink one gram turmeric mixed in it, there will be benefit in dreaming.

Eat two bananas and drink 250 grams of hot milk.  Use it regularly for three months.  This will not only eliminate the dream defect, but also provides benefits in the case.

Drinking 10 grams of white onion juice, 8 grams of ginger juice, 5 grams of honey and 3 grams of ghee at bedtime does not cause a sleep defect.

Mixing sugar candy in ground coriander and taking it with cold water relieves nightfall.  Grinding the root of Tulsi and drinking it with water provides relief in dreaming.

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