What would have happened if the coronavirus crisis had come under the rule of Manmohan Singh in place of Modi?

This is an interesting idea, as we know right now the Prime Minister of the country is Narendra Modi and now the epidemic corona is spreading in the country, and right now the whole country is following Modi ji's order lockdown, people clap at his command  They kept on appeals for playing and lighting the candle.  is.  If Manmohan Singh had been the Prime Minister today and was leading the fight with Coronavirus, then all this might not have been possible.

Manmohan Singh vs Modi

Manmohan Singh's dull voice, humble demeanor and lack of political capital or fan base across India would have created a huge hurdle for him in this war of epidemics, just imagine, at eight o'clock in the night, in his message to the people of the country  Are appealing to stay indoors, but their own ministers are not speaking in one voice.

But under Modi's rule, India is different from this, there is not only such a difference between the two governments, both the government i.e. one Manmohan Singh government which ran between 2004-14 which was a reflection of his personality and the government in which he  He was one of the many people who walked and the government of Prime Minister Modi, in which only his voice weighs.

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