Will anything be closed in lockdown till 3 May? Know this long list

new Delhi.  To prevent the spread of corona virus in the country, Prime Minister Modi has announced to increase the lockdown implemented in the country from March 25 to May 3.  Earlier the lockdown was applicable for 21 days in the country but now it has been increased by 19 days and it has become a full 40 days lockdown.  No one is allowed to leave the house during this period of lockdown, except for those connected with essential services.

At present, there are 10 main restrictions in the country that are prohibited due to lockdown.

However, in his address to the country, Prime Minister Modi has also said that till April 20, the lockdown will be followed across the country and every town, police station, district and state will be seen how the lockdown has been followed and  To what extent has the infection stopped.  After doing so, if the satisfactory condition is found, then that town, police station, district or state can be relieved under certain conditions of lockdown.

Prime Minister Modi has said in his address to the country that the situation of India is far better than other countries around the world and this has happened because India has taken steps in time.

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