WWE WrestleMania 36, ​​first day results, Bron Strowman becomes the new champion

WrestleMania 36, ​​the biggest event of the year 2020, has started.  WrestleMania 36 is a two-day event with a total of 9 big matches on the first day, including several championship matches.

WWE WrestleMania 36

The show began with a match between Sizzaro and Drew Gulak, and the final match was fought between The Undertaker and AJ Styles.  Let's look at the results of all the matches of the first day at WrestleMania 36.

Results of matches on the first day of WWE WrestleMania 36

WWE WrestleMania 36

 1- Singles match: Sizzaro defeated Drew Gulak.  It was a kick off show match.

 2- WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Match: Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross defeated The Kabuki Warriors to become the new champions.

 3- Singles match: Ilayas defeated King Corbin.

 4- WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: Sami Jane (with Cijero and Shinsuke Nakamura) won the title by defeating Daniel Bryan (with Drew Gulak).

 5- WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship, Ladder Match: John Morrison saved the title by defeating Jimmy Uso and Kofi Kingston.

 6- No Disqualification Match: Kevin Owens defeated Saith Rawlins.

 7- WWE Universal Championship Match: Bron Strowman defeated Goldberg to become the new champion.

 8- WWE Raw Women's Championship: Becky Lynch saved the title by defeating Shaina Bezler.

 9- Boneyard Match: Undertaker defeated AJ Styles.

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