Men should hide these things from their wives and girlfriends

Men should hide these things

Pyaar aur fight fight choli is with Daman.  There is definitely a fight between the two partners over something that spoils the whole day and you do not take the name of your mood, so today we tell you to hide from your wife so that they are not unhappy with you.  And keep the love between you two.

Men should hide these things

Never tell your wife and girlfriend these 3 things:

Even if you are not able to express your love in public but still it is your responsibility to take care of his small things.  Every girl wants that her husband loves her and also keeps making her feel that he loves her.

Every girl also wants a loving partner in public so that she can be confident that yes her partner belongs to her and she does not like anyone other than that girl.

Every boy should keep in mind that he has to keep the contact from his partner so that he does not feel that you are ignoring him and looking at the other girl, you will lose your confidence by doing so.

If you are really very serious towards your wife, then the relationship between you two is going to be very long.

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