Mouni Roy Beauty Secrets, Diet and Fitness Tips

Mouni Roy Beauty Secrets

Bollywood celebs have been imprisoned in their homes due to the lockdown.  Many celebs are with family at home, many are living alone away from family.  Something similar is that of Mouni Roy, an actress traveling from TV to Bollywood.  Mouni is away from her family in Dubai.

Everyone is crazy about the fitness of actress Mouni Roy, who has stepped into Bollywood from the small screen.  But do you know how he is so fit?  Let us know that Mouni Roy attaches great importance to her diet but at the same time she also does some special exercises, due to which her figure seems absolutely perfect.

Actress Mouni Roy considers dance to be her fitness mantra.  Yes, she does dance in free time to stay fit.  She dances for about 30 minutes daily to keep the body slim and fit.  Dancing for one hour can reduce about 400 calories.  This is a kind of exercise which does not even seem boring.

Mouni Roy 

She does stretching exercises keeping fitness in mind.  Stretching is beneficial in reducing pens, fixing postures and relaxing muscles.  According to Mouni Roy, dieting is not right for weight loss.  According to them, something should be eaten every two hours.  Such speed miles increase digestive power and metabolism.

Although Mouni loves Chinese and junk food, she consumes these things to an extent.  She eats more homemade food and keeps away from hard drinks.

Mouni Roy says that drinking 15-20 glasses of water daily is very important to burn fat.  He told, 'She gets up early in the morning and takes fresh air and nature.  After this she drinks a cup of green tea and then she does a running exercise.

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